Tipi Cones

Tentconcepts is your first port of call for high-quality tents with an exotic look! The Tipi Cones attract attention with their structure and striking shape. Both the design of the tents and the bamboo tent structure make the Tipi Cones unique.

Whether you're organising a wedding or an event, the Tipi Cones bring atmosphere to every celebration. Their exotic appearance transports your guests to a paradisical holiday destination.

Tent structure made of sustainable material 
The frame of the Tipi Cones is made from the world's strongest bamboo. For these tents, we've used guadua, the strongest bamboo species in the world, with a reputation for quality. The frame is therefore strong and light, so perfect for building tents.

Bamboo is also a sustainable product: it grows incredibly fast, without using pesticides, extra fertiliser or extra water. In addition, bamboo releases more oxygen into the atmosphere and absorbs more CO2 than similar species.

Tentconcepts Europe is a representative of Tipi Cones. We arrange advice, your order and fast delivery. 

Buy a Tipi Cone
The Tipi Cones can be used as a high-end shelter (for example for a lounge or restaurant) or as a decorative element during an event. These tents are therefore perfect for the catering, rental and event sectors.

Some advantages of a Tipi Cone: 

  • striking cone-shaped structure;
  • strongest bamboo species in the world: strong but light;
  • treated bamboo frame for protection from insects;
  • handmade tents with an eye on sustainability;
  • high-quality, UV-resistant, waterproof and mould-resistant textiles with a long lifespan.

Tentconcepts is your guarantee for quality, exclusivity and professional advice. We work with professional suppliers who arrange tents that are stylish and functional at the same time. As a result, our tents are suitable for a range of purposes. We'd be delighted to offer you personal support and, if desired, we can examine the options for adapting products to your needs.

Contact us for the prices and specifications of the Tipi Cones. We'd be delighted to visit you to discuss the various combination options.

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