Stretch tents

Tentconcepts partners up with an internationally renowned manufacturer of top-quality stretch tents with a luxurious appearance. This type of flex tent or Bedouin tent is ideal for the event, rental and catering industries and for terrace coverings. The distribution network starts in South Africa and reaches through Africa to Europe. This way, all customers can be quickly supplied with quality tents and accessories, support, technical service and professional advice.

A tent manufacturer with cutting-edge engineering
Tentconcepts provides top quality stretch tents, beautifully designed and exceptionally engineered. The high-frequency welded tent seams replace the traditional stitching techniques and exclude any pressure-weak spots in the attachment. Our stretch tents stand for real craftsmanship. Waterproof, windproof, fire safe with all the required international safety certificates? Quadruple check!

Tentconcepts, headquartered in Antwerp (Belgium), is the European representative for stretch tentsWe provide advice, process orders and ensure fast delivery to European customers.

Buying a stretch tent 
Stretch tents or flex tents are very well-suited for the catering, rental and event industries. We can also provide you with a customised tent fit for covering patios, swimming pools, gardens or other outdoor areas.

Discover the many advantages of a stretch tent:

  • A 2 or 3-layer PVC coated stretch tent canvas or woven polyester
  • High elasticity, treated against UV light and fungi
  • Sonic welding techniques without stitched seams (waterproof) 
  • All dimensions are possible: standard or custom-made
  • Can be closed completely: windproof with side panels
  • Easy to transport and set up (with training if required)
  • Perfect eye-catcher for every event, profitable for the rental market

Stretch tent are readily available to buy starting from 25 m² up to 450 m², in all possible configurations. Buying a stretch tent, is buying more than a covering. We guarantee top-quality products and provide active support including professional advice and after sales services. For custom-made solutions, we collaborate with engineers and special designers to make sure that every specific requirement can be met. Each construction is designed to be functional and stylish at the same time.

Interested in purchasing stretch tent? Do not hesitate to contact us regarding specifications and prices. We’ll gladly schedule a meeting to discuss the right solution for your business.

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