ArkDome Tents

Do you want to take your event, catering business or party room to the next level? ArkDome tents from Tentconcepts blend exceptional functionality and eco-friendliness in a beautiful geodesic design.

The unique design of our ArkDomes combines triangles in a round structure, making these tents a visual delight, the top talking point at any event!

A customisable tent with a 'wow' effect

You can personalise your ArkDome for any occasion. Thanks to the geodesic shape, the tent can be set up in different sizes and with different materials. You can also swap the triangular panels around.

Tentconcepts in Antwerp (Belgium) is the European representative of ArkDome tents. We advise interested parties, process orders and make sure European customers receive their deliveries quickly. 

Buying an ArkDome tent
A big part of the top layer of the ArkDome is made of PVC glazing, which connects the tent to the nearby surroundings. The ArkDome is made of bio-neutral materials, so it's very eco-friendly and light and doesn't leave marks in nature after being used.

The ArkDome's frame is made of LVL wood, which strengthens the bearing capacity of the geodesic structure. This type of tent is also stable on concrete, grass and any other surface and is suitable for any climate. The steel connections provide additional reinforcement, without needing any extra time to set up or dismantle the tent.

We're pleased to list the advantages of the ArkDome:

  • The ArkDome can be adapted to your style, wishes and desires thanks to the modular structure of the triangles.
  • The unique design makes sure the weight is uniformly distributed. In combination with the durable materials, this makes for a very resilient tent structure.
  • The tent is climate resistant and eco-friendly.
  • The tent features a unique, minimalist design.

An ArkDome is made of glued veneer wood, PVC and a steel structure. At the same time, the elegant arches and functional pieces enhance your unique decor. Finally, the ArkDome can easily be mounted and transported.

Contact us
for prices and specifications for your ArkDome. We'd be happy to visit you to discuss the various options.

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