Looking for an industry-leading tent structure with a distinctive design? Our TimbertracTM range combines architectural beauty with industry-leading functionality. They are a popular choice for their outstanding look, exclusive feel and luxurious finishing touch.

The ideal tent structure to spark your client’s imagination
The distinctive design of the TimbertracTM structure is an industry first, with a look and feel like no other. The durable Graincote™ coating system covers the silver aluminum beams to make them look like wood.

The architectural truss beam design, ‘wood-like’ aluminum beams, aesthetic joining plates and highly translucent membrane create the appearance of craftsman-style construction. A rustic chic structure with contemporary flair!

Headquartered in Antwerp (Belgium), Tentconcepts is your European distributor of choice for unique TimbertracTM tents. We provide advice, process orders and ensure fast delivery to European customers. 

Buying a TimbertracTM tent

The TimbertracTM design features a fabric system that slides through a channel in the extruded aluminum frame, allowing for easier installation and significant reduction in wear to the fabric due to repetitive installations. This makes TimbertracTM tents a perfectly suited, profitable solution for the catering, rental and event industries.

Discover the many advantages of TimbertracTM tents:

  • The gable ends can be left wide open or closed with fabric gable panels and walls
  • Durable GraincoteTM finish to cover the typical silver aluminum beams
  • Distinctive design with a look and feel like no other
  • The fabric is made of ProSailTM proprietary polyester sailcloth with dual side PVC coating
  • The material is waterproof, flame retardant and easy to clean
  • Different sizes available

The TimbertracTM structure is ideal for long-term and seasonal applications. The tents are available in different sizes and expandable in different lengths. Tentconcepts offers the entire range of TimbertracTM tents. Each tent comes with a range of common accessories such as sidewalls, portal braces, doors, connector marquees, transit cases and pull ropes.

Interested in purchasing a unique TimbertracTM tent? Do not hesitate to contact us for more information and prices. We’ll gladly schedule a meeting to discuss the right solution for your business. 

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