#Tent advisors with a plus
Didier Heylen is the founder and driving force behind Tentconcepts. After gaining years of experience in international tent rentals and sales business, Didier set out to discover new luxury brands with a distinctly authentic character. In South Africa, he found Bedouin stretch tents and nomad tents. In California, he discovered Tidewater Tents: 100% handmade sailcloth tents.

“As a European representative, I am very honoured to be able to distribute these brands on the European market. They combine craftsmanship with cutting-edge production techniques. The absolute top!”

#Tent advisors with exquisite service
Didier and his team very consciously focus on innovation, quality and customer service to make a difference in today’s market for luxury tents tailored to the catering, event and rental industries. Each customer receives personal advice in order to buy the right tent with the best value for money. In addition, our tent advisers will provide you with the necessary training. And last but not least, we have a stock of technical and decorative tent accessories available.

“Thanks to my experience in the rental sector, I know which tents are most profitable and I am happy to share this knowledge. In addition, I can offer a top service package to every customer.” 

#Tent advisors with a mission
To ensure a long lifespan and a high return on your tent, it is important that you can easily set up, dismantle and transport your tent and that you are able to store it correctly. Our experienced team of tent advisors, led by Axel Andries, will provide you with the necessary training and is always happy to help any client with any question. Has your tent been damaged or are you in need of urgent repairs? We’ll ensure fast follow-up!

 “Our mission is to boost your business with the right tent. For that reason, we stand in front, beside and behind every customer with the appropriate training and technical support.” 

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