Wouldn't it be great if your guests could eat, celebrate and enjoy themselves in comfort 365 days a year? However, the Belgian weather gods are not always kindly disposed ... With a high-end tent or canopy, you're taking the first step in the right direction. Combine this with side panels for your terrace or stretch tent, and you'll keep your space 100% warm, dry and elegant. Check out our blog and discover all the benefits of mobile side panels!

Side panels for terraces

Side panels for terraces, pergolas, pavilions and canopies come in all shapes and sizes. At Tentconcepts we love trendy tools that make life easier for hire companies, hospitality businesses and event agencies. That said, we think there's nothing to beat mobile panels for terraces when it comes to user-friendliness, finish and style. Interested in our brand-new side panels for terraces? They do the trick!

Why are side panels a must for your terrace? 

  • Our side panels are made of clear, UV-resistant PVC, which guarantees a pleasant and comfortable temperature and no exposure to wind or rain in your outside area. The PVC selected is of high quality, and the panels look very much like real glass windows.
  • We also have mobile panels, with or without wheels, which can be assembled, moved and removed in no time at all.
  • They'll also give your terrace an extra touch of magic. No flapping canvas or tacky plastic sheeting, but instead sturdy side panels with an elegant black finish. Check with your guests to see whether they've noticed these industrial-look mobile panels. They probably won't even realise these are flexible side panels. Thanks to side panels, your terrace will look like it's been finished with beautiful steel-framed windows.

“With their industrial black finish, our side panels for terraces truly stand out. Although they are mobile panels, they form a seamless part of the entire space. They look hip and are handy to use. Super-fast delivery, just one week. Love it!" - Laura Zwaans, administration & marketing manager at Tentconcepts

Side panels for stretch tents

Flex tents or Bedouin tents are hipper than hip, but not completely rain- or wind-resistant. That's why we'd like to share with you one of our best-kept secrets: side panels for stretch tents. At first glance, it doesn't look as though luxurious stretch tents can be closed, but side panels make that possible.

Why are side panels a good idea for stretch tents?

  • Bye-bye umbrellas and blankets, hello blissfully comfortable indoor environment! Regardless of the weather, your event or shift can go ahead exactly as planned.
  • Side panels come with wooden poles, making them easy for you to add or remove. If there are occasions when you don't need to use side panels, you can simply roll them up into a compact bundle.
  • What if you'd like side panels that are exactly the same colour as your stretch tent, or a contrasting, eye-catching colour? We'll make and deliver side panels in your favourite colour within five weeks.

“I'm proud that Tentconcepts can offer side panels for stretch tents to professionals and private individuals that both do what they promise and exude pure luxury.” - Laura Zwaans, administration & marketing manager at Tentconcepts

Interested in finishing your terrace with hip, urban side panels? Looking for beautiful, straightforward side panels for your stretch tent? The Tentconcepts team will be delighted to guide you through the wonderful world of side panels.

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