Want to make your patio or outdoor space a cosier place by installing heating for your guests or customers? Then Tentconcept’s table heaters are just what you’re looking for!

Our table heaters are infrared rather gas-powered, so they’re ideal under a tent or covered patio. But they’re also perfect for use in the open air. Unlike traditional patio heaters, table heaters are mounted beneath the table, close to your guests. Give your guests a warm welcome with Tentconcept’s table heaters!

Some of the benefits of our table heaters:

  • A safe system. Even after a few hours, you can handle and move our table heaters if necessary.
  • Unlike gas patio heaters, which run out faster and take a lot of work to replace, our table heaters are easy to use.
  • They give off a constant, comfortable temperature.
  • The orange-pink glow of the infrared light creates an extra cheerful atmosphere in the evening.
  • Because our heaters use infrared technology, there is virtually no fire risk.
  • The range includes models for low tables, standard tables and bar tables.
  • These stylish heaters are at home in your interior.

Traditional patio heaters are usually mounted on the ceiling and/or the side wall. That can often mean that guests and customers have to gather right beneath the burners to feel nice and warm. Everyone else is (literally) out in the cold. And because the heat source is above, only the head, neck and shoulders feel really warm. Feet, legs and the rest of the body lose a lot of heat. But with our table heaters, the heat comes from below.

With our table heaters your guests or customers can enjoy your patio or outdoor space for longer. All day long, even on a cool summer’s evening. All the year round, even in the winter. Interested? Don't hesitate to contact us.

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