FloorStak is a branded range of products, designed and manufactured in the UK by The Regent Engineering Co, which provide solutions for the temporary structures market, including:

  • Structure support and levelling
  • Access – ramps
  • Modular Steps
  • Balustrades

The principle behind all FloorStak products is simple: it’s all about creating robust, safe and easy to use products that save time and effort on site.

That’s why tent and event installers around the world are realising the advantages that FloorStak products bring to their businesses, as the FoorStak products help them to save time and money on site by reducing their labour, transport and handling costs.

Structure support and levelling 

  • Fast and easy to install, reduces manpower
  • Engineered system, fully tested, safe, secure and satisfies regulations
  • Gives a professional result
  • Avoids involvement and cost of scaffolding contractors
  • Versatile, can handle almost any slope or uneven surface
  • Handles height differences of 2 metres and beyond
  • TÜV Certified

Acces ramps

  • DDA compliant
  • Satisfies UK Building Regulations Part M, Access and facilities for disabled people
  • Infinitely adjustable for heights up to 2 metres
  • Straight, offset, 90o, or U-turn configurations
  • Quick and easy to install with no special tools required
  • Utilises standard FloorStak support elements, so can be installed on sloping or uneven grounds
  • Can be customised to work with any make of cassette floor systems
  • A variety of handrail designs available
  • Attractively designed and finished to give a professional impression

Modular steps system

  • Versatile, simply add modules as required by floor height
  • Quick and easy to assemble with one spanner or impact driver
  • Uses standard iStak supports for ultimate adjustability even on the most undulating sites
  • Identical modular step units, no design input or skilled tradesperson required
  • Universal “landing” element means units can be assembled in straight, 90 degree turn, or 180 degree turn configurations
  • Satisfies regulatory requirements


  • Universal, fits both 3 meter and 5 meter structures and connects to structure frames or free-standing posts
  • Adjustable, unique sliding connector allows for small variations in post and frame sizes and centres
  • Can be supplied with glass (10mm toughened), solid panel, or vertical bar infills
  • Quick and easy to install with a single spanner

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