The bigger the tent, the greater the return

The bigger the tent, the greater the return

Demand within the hospitality sector for sturdy stretch tents and semi-permanent terrace coverings has risen spectacularly of late! Understandable given the coronavirus crisis, but that aside, investing in a high-quality canopy is always a smart move for restaurants, function venues and hotels. It will give the design and appearance of your terrace a boost and enable you to cruise through each season. 

Here are our seven tips showing how a stretch tent will bring your hospitality business additional returns:

#1 More space

Install a semi-permanent tent, and your business's capacity will increase. Where you would previously have opened up your outdoor space to the public only when the weather permitted, now you'll be able to open your terrace doors all year round. Welcoming more people = more business!

“A sturdy, stylish tent is a must-have for hospitality venue operators who are prepared to go the extra mile. It's an investment which will pay for itself because you'll have more opportunities to pamper your customers." - Laura Zwaans, administration & marketing manager at Tentconcepts

#2 More time outside

As temperatures drop in the evenings, or when autumn and winter make an appearance, eating outside wouldn't ordinarily be your first choice. If you have a terrace covered by a high-end tent, you'll be able to run your business at full throttle for longer, in a fully Covid-proof way, of course.

#3 More oxygen

The coronavirus crisis has illustrated the importance of good ventilation in your hospitality venue. With a tent as a canopy, customers will enjoy both a pleasant breeze and extra oxygen. Comfortable and safe!

#4 No permit required for installation

If your café, snack bar, brasserie or restaurant already has a terrace, it usually isn't necessary to apply to the city or municipal authorities for permission to install a canopy. We do, of course, recommend that you check beforehand. In most cases, though, a semi-permanent tent can be installed without a licence. Easy as that!

#5 Lasts a long time

A stretch tent has an average useful life of four years. Unlike the traditional party tent, a stretch tent can be left outside all the time, regardless of the weather and provided the necessary precautions are taken. A sustainable investment that will give you and your customers hours of enjoyment today, tomorrow and for many years to come.

“We will be delighted to give you some valuable maintenance tips when we deliver the tent. If you are looking for a partner to take over the aftercare, Tentconcepts has got your back!" - Laura Zwaans, administration & marketing manager at Tentconcepts

#6 Beautiful bespoke design

A tough black tent to suit your dark facade, a white tent for a fresh summery look, a coloured stretch tent that matches your interior, … Choose a colour from the huge range we have on offer for a beautiful tent that matches the look and feel of your business. If your terrace does not have standard dimensions, no problem! We'll make you a custom tent.

#7 Installation is included 

Tentconcepts has an experienced team of installers. We'll be delighted to send our specialists to help install your new tent. Anchor the tent firmly, erect it, rig it - with minimum effort, you'll extract maximum enjoyment! If you have any problems with or questions about the tent, our technicians are just a phone call away.

Raise your terrace to the next level with a semi-permanent canopy. Keen to attract more visitors with a stylish tent? The Tentconcepts team is on standby and will be happy to come round to discuss your options!

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